How to download YouTube videos?

YouTube. You would have to live in a completely different planet to have not heard of this website ever. Youtube is the most popular website in the world for streaming and uploading videos. Many of us spend hours in Youtube, but some of you might not know that there are many different techniques to download your favourite videos effortlessly.


1. Just go search your favourite video. After you have found the video you want to download, simply write ‘ss‘ after ‘ www. ‘ in the address bar (where there’s the link to the video). You will be immediately directed to where you will be given different options of sizes and extension types of that video to choose from and download.

2. You could copy the URL (the link in the address bar of your browser) of your favourite video and go to the website Keepvid and paste the link there in the given space. You will once again be provided with different sizes and types to choose from. If you have never been to this website before, you will be required to download the latest version of Java or activate the Java Applet(it will only appear once and its never going to bother you again). Just follow the instructions, download the latest version and install it.

3. Another good alternative to previously stated website is Savevid ; in this case you have to additionally install Savevid Browser Plugin from the website for your browser and then restart your browser and you are ready to go.


4. A more general way to download videos is to install the software Internet Download Manager (IDM). The very moment you install it, it integrates with your internet browsers and will automatically ask you if you want to download a video as soon as you click the video to view it. You will get a Free-Trial Version of this software to download which will run out after 30-days. You can download the crack of this software in torrent sites like Kickass, to make your software ‘immortal’! You can also download YouTube Video Downloader that basically does the same thing.

logonya IDM

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